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I provide Plain English writing and editing services for government departments, local authorities, international agencies and other public and corporate bodies.


I cover the complete range of media, from internet and intranet sites to brochures, newsletters, direct mail, advertising and special events. I also develop online learning courses, style guides, instruction manuals and presentation material.


I offer a proof-reading and editing service for organisations that want to make reports, white papers and technical documents easier to read, and for businesses that need to improve translations from a foreign language into English.


When you need to clarify your message, please get in touch.

Plain English copy service

"Martyn is a pleasure to work with. He has provided a wealth of marketing and business expertise in his role as professional writer. Martyn has a creative approach and is able to engage the reader's attention whether he’s writing a no-nonsense business press release or a hard-hitting blog post."


Michel Min, Global Marketing Manager, Omron Europe

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